To my first little love

India demystified.......

My darling S,

You are only a few months older than a year today. You have expanded my life in ways that I could never have imagined. You came into this world so quickly! One moment I was watching a Youtube video with bappa and in the next 4 hrs you were here!

I have grown so much since I met you. I am more patient, I care even more deeply about the things and issues affecting our planet, and I have grown massively both emotionally and mentally. You have made me a much nicer person (and they will tell you, I was still super nice before you came along! 🙂 ). Interestingly I am also more fierce, less scared of taking risks. I am now more than ever super aware of what is important for me in this life. You didn’t do this to me darling, you brought it…

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Passionate about Preserving the Past

Delightful post here .Pleasure and privilege to have met Victor here in London a couple of years ago. A man with a passion and a mission accompanied by his wife Aldina and team. I hope to meet him on his home turf sooner or later

Goa Chitra: Rewind

By Maria Savia Viegas

Goa Chitra houses a vast and varied collection which seldom leaves one unimpressed. Savia Viegas recounts the first time she visited Goa Chitra in 2008, a year before it was opened to the public. Read about how she was awed by the display in the following piece, and you can supplement it by reading about the myriad stories behind the collections.

It was a 2008 October morning. Some friends from North Goa, part of the then vibrant Goa Writers’ Group, had decided to visit Goa Chitra Museum in Benaulim. I was asked to join.  I lived few kilometers away, had a research interest in museums, was curious to visit a private museum, and wanted to know the fellow Goan who had initiated it. So I decided to team up.

The directions, at the time, seemed vague since I had lived away from Goa for a long…

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