To my first little love

India demystified.......

My darling S,

You are only a few months older than a year today. You have expanded my life in ways that I could never have imagined. You came into this world so quickly! One moment I was watching a Youtube video with bappa and in the next 4 hrs you were here!

I have grown so much since I met you. I am more patient, I care even more deeply about the things and issues affecting our planet, and I have grown massively both emotionally and mentally. You have made me a much nicer person (and they will tell you, I was still super nice before you came along! 🙂 ). Interestingly I am also more fierce, less scared of taking risks. I am now more than ever super aware of what is important for me in this life. You didn’t do this to me darling, you brought it…

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