Museum and Money Matters

Well written and down to earth piece .Resonant with Victor’s personality and vision. Many Thanks

Goa Chitra: Rewind

By Anoop Babani

Just like it is easy to assume that Goa Chitra space used to formerly be a private home, another common assumption to make is that the collection and the resources on which the museum runs comes significantly from inherited property. In the following piece, Anoop Babani dispels these preconceived notions, giving the readers an insider’s perspective about the funding of Goa Chitra.

I met Victor Hugo Gomes just when he was starting out less than a decade ago. His mission was to preserve Goan (indeed, human) heritage and to live with it. And how could one do it? Well, build a museum just below your bedroom! That’s exactly what he and his gracious wife, Aldina, chose to do.

From the beginning, Victor came across as one of those guys who was undaunted by the challenges he was to face, and very confident and committed. He put…

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